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Being a doctor while running a business is a grueling task. Don’t go through it alone. Allow us to take care of all your business related needs. We specialize in make private medical practices more efficient.

Practice Expansion

Every medical practice has room to grow. Learn about developing several income sources in your practice.

Web Design

An professional website demonstrates credibility to patients. Let us design the perfect website for you.

Billing & Coding

Honestly, who looks forward to going home to file insurance claims? Find a service that will take care of it for you.

Patient Acquisition

We make sure you’ll always have enough patients, so you can focus on what you do best.


No doctor enjoys doing charts. Luckily, our charting utilization methods reduce time spent charting by ~80%. 


Telemedicine is a core component of the future of primary care. Ask about our telemedicine services.

All-In-One Offer 

We offer all types of business services ranging from consulting to charting to telemedicine implication and everything in between. Our specialists work with one goal in mind: improve your private medical practice while reducing your workload. Allow us to take care of billing, charting, web design, and all your other business needs.

We’ll do what we do best, while you do what you do best – saving lives. 

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Our blog offers free resources you can use to optimize your private practice.

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Our Clients

“As a mother, business owner, and doctor, it’s always been a struggle to focus on my patients while juggling all my other responsibilities. Healthcare Intermediaries has allowed me to work less hours while making more money. I would’ve never imagined I could be working 22 hours a week and still making more than I did a year ago.”

“Charting is by far the worst part of my job. Daniel helped me identify places where I wasn’t working efficiently and helped me correct them.  I would spend my evenings catching up on charts until Daniel showed me how to use his templates. Now I’m able to complete charts within minutes after seeing a patient. Daniel saved me so much time which I can reinvest into building my practice. “

“Using telemedicine has changed my practice for the better. Daniel showed me how I can see patients using Zoom instead of in-person. Now I have a beautiful website, telemedicine options, and new patients calling me everyday. I’m very grateful for Daniel and his work on my practice.” “

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